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Awaiting a New Bishop

Prayer While Awaiting a New Bishop

Lord God, eternal shepherd,
you tend your Church in many ways,
and you watch over it with great love.
Soon you will choose your servant,
who is yet unnamed,
to be a shepherd of your flock
in the Diocese of Richmond.
Grant him a spirit of courage and right judgment,
a spirit of knowledge and love.
We eagerly await his coming and look forward
to welcoming him into our lives.
By governing with fidelity those entrusted to his care,
may he build your Church as a sign of
salvation for the world.
We ask this in the name of Jesus, your Son.

About the Transition

Who are the members of the transition committee?

Very Rev. Msgr. Mark Richard Lane, Diocesan Administrator
Rev. Msgr. Francis Muench, Judicial Vicar, Diocesan Tribunal
Rev. Timothy Kuhneman, Delegate for Clergy
Rev. Sean Prince, Director, Office of Worship
Mrs. Anne Edwards, Special Assistant & Advisor to the Bishop
Ms. Deborah Cox, Director of Communications
Ms. Dorothy Mahanes, Human Resources Officer
Mr. Michael McGee, Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Michael School, Director, Office for Evangelization

What (arch)dioceses in the United States are awaiting a bishop?

As of this writing there are two U.S. (arch)dioceses awaiting a bishop.
They are:
Richmond, Virginia
Salina, Kansas

Where can I go to get more information?

If you have questions for the Transition Committee, please email at

The following section is an excerpt from Our Sunday Visitor Newsweekly 1/27/2017 which provides more information about the process of selecting a bishop.

Appointing a new bishop

By Michael R. Heinlein

As the choice of a bishop potentially can guide and shape the journey of a given diocese or archdiocese for sometimes decades at a time, the nomination and appointment of bishops in the Catholic Church is one that has a significant impact on the lives and ministerial focus of Catholics in almost every segment of the Church.

In 2016, the Church in the United States saw new bishops appointed to such dioceses as Arlington, Virginia; Memphis, Tennessee; St. Petersburg, Florida; Rockville Centre, New York; and Dallas, Texas — as well as archdioceses in Anchorage, Alaska; and Newark, New Jersey. Many more appointments are expected to be made in 2017.

Despite this great activity and the millions of Catholics affected across the country by these changes, the process of how these new shepherds are appointed to their new sees remains largely unknown, or at least largely opaque, to many.

Let’s take a closer look, therefore, at the complex process that originates with the needs of a local diocese and extends all the way to the desk of the pope.

Please follow the link below to the article provided by Our Sunday Visitor Weekly to read more about the process of selecting a bishop.