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Prayer While Awaiting a New Bishop

Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo celebrated his 75th birthday in April 2017, which begins a formal retirement process as he reached the age limit for a diocesan bishop. Until his resignation is accepted by Pope Francis and a new bishop is appointed, Bishop DiLorenzo continues to lead the Diocese of Richmond and remains in office. During this time, Bishop DiLorenzo asks for our prayers — for him, and for our Diocese, and for our future bishop. Español

Prayer While Awaiting a New Bishop

Almighty God, Eternal shepherd and guide,
In your love for us,
Grant to the Diocese of Richmond
A shepherd who will lead us
To be Christ’s heart of mercy,
Voice of hope, and hands of justice.

Help him to fill our minds and hearts
With the truth of the Gospel,
The power of the sacraments,
And the desire to build up your holy Church.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.