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Guidelines for Tuition Assistance

Financial Information

Tuition and financial aid are set by the school.
The average range of school tuition for elementary school is $5,100; High School is $10,200. All schools have advisory boards to assist the principal in areas of finance, development, strategic planning, marketing, and building and grounds.

Each school sets its own tuition and develops a tuition contract that parents enrolling a student will be required to sign. Tuition contracts will be required in all schools for the school year. A copy of the contract for each school can be obtained directly from that school.

All schools’ financial management is overseen by the Office of Catholic Schools and Diocesan Finance Office, as approved by the Bishop. Schools send to the Office of Finance monthly and annual financial reports, which are reviewed by OCS and the Diocesan Finance Office to ensure fiscal accountability.

The finance committee of the local school board provides oversight on the finances and assists the principal in the development of a budget. The finance committee of the School Board recommends the amount of yearly tuition increase.

 Financial Aid

Each Catholic School in the diocese maintains its own tuition assistance program. Applicants should apply to their individual school for this assistance.

In addition, Diocesan tuition assistance is available through the McMahon Parater Foundation. Applicants interested in applying for this assistance click here.