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Upper Room Retreat & Workshop

Dioceses and parishes should actively seek to identify potential parish catechetical leaders and… provide them with opportunities to develop the competence and skills necessary for effective leadership and thorough knowledge of the faith. (National Directory of Catechesis, 54B)


Why Upper Room?
Upper Room is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to reflect on their personal, as well as ecclesial, call to ministry; to share with them the Church’s vision of catechetical ministry; to encourage and inspire them in their ministry; and to offer time for prayer.

The event follows the framework provided in the USCCB document Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord with presentations in all four quadrants:

Reign of God Virtues
Discernment of Personal Qualities
Reflection on Being Called and Our Vocation
Prayer around the Cross
Prayer of Blessing and Sending
Church’s Catechetical Mission and Vision
Introduction to Co-Workers and Lay Ecclesial Ministry
Invite, Empower, Affirm Co-Workers
Dignity of the Catechetical Leader

What is Upper Room?
Upper Room is a retreat and workshop that occurs once a year in various locations across our diocese. It begins on Friday evening with dinner and continues through 4:00pm on Saturday. Thanks to contributions to the Annual Diocesan Appeal, it costs participants only $50. This fee includes private, overnight accommodations, meals, and training materials.

Who should attend Upper Room?
Upper Room continues to be a valuable experience for those who are new to catechetical leadership in their parish, both in Christian Formation and Youth Ministry. It also seeks to support and encourage Emerging Leaders in parish ministry. Emerging Leaders are those who may not have an official, paid position in church ministry, but who have assumed leadership roles in catechetical, sacramental, or evangelization ministries. Upper Room provides them the opportunity to gather with others and reflect on their personal call and to discover how the work they do contributes to the greater mission of the Church.

How to Register?
Participants of Upper Room need to be referred by a leader in their parish such as the Pastor, Catechetical Leader, Youth Minister, or a diocesan employee. They should have contact information regarding this person available when registering.

Registrants will also be asked to provide a BRIEF statement explaining why they would like to attend Upper Room and what value they feel it will have on their ministry or personal formation.

Invite Others to Upper Room
Parish leaders and past participants are the people we count on to identify other ministers in their parish who will benefit from this retreat and workshop experience. Please Click Here to print the brochure to invite an Emerging Leader today!