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                                                                                                                                                   Who We Are

The mission of the McMahon Parater Scholarship Foundation is:

  • star-of-sea-4th-and-5th-jan-2013-260x260to provide scholarships and financial assistance to students seeking Catholic education
  • to increase professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators
  • to strengthen Catholic schools and their programs.

The vision of Bishop DiLorenzo (1942-2017), our founder, and the McMahon Parater Scholarship Foundation Board is to ensure that:

1. Every child in the Diocese of Richmond who wants a Catholic education will receive such, regardless of financial ability;

2. Teachers will be helped to advance their professional skills; and

3. Academic innovation will be funded.

“Francis Dilorenzo will be remembered as the Bishop who saved the Catholic schools of this Diocese.   When he arrived in Richmond, powerful voices argued that the Diocese could not do anything to forestall the demise of many of our Catholic schools.  Bishop DiLorenzo courageously went about proving these skeptics wrong.

First, he investigated the quality of our Catholic schools and found them worthy of support but lacking in the financial resources necessary to keep them affordable for enough families.   So, he built a team of believers in Catholic education and devised a strategy for the Diocese to help with the school’s finances.   Then he travelled all over the Diocese seeking potential supporters to help him in this mission.

The results: a Diocese that provided essentially no financial aid 10 years ago is now providing approximately $4 million in tuition assistance annually.   Enrollment has stabilized and school facilities are being upgraded.   We now have confidence in the future of our Catholic schools.   All friends of Catholic education have lost a great friend  in Bishop DiLoreenzo.”

-Chuck McPhillips, Partner, Kaufman and Canoles, P.C. ; former Board Chair, McMahon Parater Scholarship Foundation, Board Member, Catholic  Community  Foundation