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It is the responsibility of the entire Catholic Community—bishops, priests, deacons, religious, and laity—to continue to strive toward the goal of making our Catholic schools available, accessible, and affordable to all Catholic parents and their children… the entire ecclesial community is called to value ever more deeply the importance of this task and mission and to give it its full and enthusiastic support.

–US Conference of Catholic Bishops

Tuition Assistance

murphy20120926121945_mThe McMahon Parater Scholarship Foundation recognizes the importance of affordable Catholic education for all families.  Currently, tuition assistance does not keep pace with the needs of even the lowest income families.  By providing tuition assistance through scholarships, the Foundation helps to ensure that schools in the Diocese of Richmond remain a financially viable option for Catholic families and others who share our values.

  • Cost is the main reason for families to withdraw their children from Catholic schools.
  • In 2016-17, the McMahon Parater Scholarship Foundation and the Diocese provided over $5.5 million – 37% of the documented need.
  • In the most recent year, aid increased by 17% but need increased by 23%
  • The tragedy is when families must withdraw their students from the school of their choice.

Support for Dedicated Teachers

The McMahon Parater Scholarship Foundation believes it is imperative that educators are provided with meaningful and relevant professional development opportunities on a regular basis.  Professional development enables teachers to be on the leading edge of advances in education practices and to continue and further their knowledge of the Catholic faith.  This results in teachers who are able to pass on the gifts of both faith and knowledge to students through word and example.  Through these ongoing opportunities, teachers receive appropriate religious and professional formation to enable them to live out their vocation to educate effectively.

Academic Innovation

The McMahon Parater Scholarship Foundation recognizes that there are significant academic resources and programs critical to Catholic schools in order for them to remain competitive.  Funds will be available for innovative curriculum enhancements, state of the art technology and science labs, and expanded athletic facilities.  These resources and programs will augment classroom instruction and enhance the overall student experience.