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Ministry > McMahon Parater Foundation

Board of Directors

  • Most Reverend Francis X. DiLorenzo, Bishop of Richmond
  • Mr. Charles V. McPhillips, Esq., Chairman
  • Ms. Annette Z. Parsons, President
  • Ms. Kathleen Burke Barrett, Treasurer
  • Mrs. Francine Conway, Secretary
  • Mr. Barry J. Fitzpatrick, Chairman, Investment Committee
  • Mr. Henry Berling, CPA
  • Dr. J. Alfred Broaddus, Jr.
  • Mr. Douglas Farley
  • Mr. Bruce C. Holbrook, CPA
  • Mr. Thomas J. Laux
  • Dr. Robert E. Martínez
  • Mr. Stephen G. Reardon, Esq.
  • Mr. Thomas M. Strassburg
  • The Honorable Geline B. Williams
  • Mr. Richard Woestman



Honorary Campaign Chairmen

  • Dr. Robert L. A. Keeley, M.D.
  • Dr. Eugene P. Trani
  • General Anthony C. Zinni

Investment Committee

  • Mr. Barry J. Fitzpatrick, Chairman
  • Mr. J. Alfred Broaddus, Jr.
  • Dr. Robert Conroy
  • Mr. Charles V. McPhillips
  • Mr. David D. Plageman
  • Mr. Richard Woestman