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Randy Biagas

randy-biagas-thanks-bishop-dilorenzoAs Randy Biagas gives the “thumbs up,” Bishop DiLorenzo thanks him along with his brothers, John and Mark Biagas, for their strong words of encouragement for Catholic schools and their generosity to the Foundation at a reception at TowneBank in Suffolk on November 7, 2012.

Growing up in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Mark and Randy Biagas were shaped by their experience at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School. By the time their younger brother, John, came along, the school had closed. Now, as successful business owners and philanthropists in Yorktown, Virginia, John, Mark, and Randy, along with their wives, are helping to make sure that schools in the Diocese of Richmond do not suffer that fate by supporting the McMahon Parater Foundation.

Mark, head of Business Development at Bay Electric, is passionate in his belief that the ethics and values instilled in our children by a Catholic school education are vitally important to our society today. “Catholic schools provide more than just a sound academic foundation – they help our young people form a moral code at an early age that allows them to be productive citizens.”

randy-biagas-and-familyRandy and Sharon Biagas, with their granddaughter, Madisyn Biagas, a sixth grader at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School.

Randy, CEO of Rand Enterprises, Inc., and his wife, Sharon, are proud of their granddaughter, Madisyn, a sixth grader at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School in Newport News. Madisyn played on the school’s volleyball team this fall. “We are so grateful that our granddaughter has the opportunity to attend a Catholic school.”

The Biagases’ want to encourage others to become champions for the cause of Catholic schools.  “We support Bishop DiLorenzo in his effort to ensure that Catholic schools remain open and strong for our current and future generations, and in making our gift to the McMahon Parater Foundation, we would like to challenge others to do the same,” said John, President and CEO of Bay Electric Company, Inc.