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st-pius-260x195It is easy to start a named fund to benefit the Catholic school of your choice in the Diocese of Richmond.  The Catholic Community Foundation will help you set up a personal or family fund that matches your charitable goals.

You decide on the name of your fund, receive the tax benefits, and recommend which Catholic schools receive grants.

Each year a portion of the endowment’s earnings will be given to the schools you selected.  Because the endowment’s principal is protected forever, gifts in your name from the fund will be distributed forever.  Money can be added to the fund at any time.

Anyone may create a named endowment fund in the Catholic Community Foundation by contributing $25,000 or more in current and/or future gifts through wills, trusts, and bequests. Gifts may be in the form of cash, securities or other appreciated property.

To learn more about starting your own fund,  please visit or contact the Executive Director of the Catholic Community Foundation, Margaret Keightley, at 804-622-5121 or