Catholic Diocese of Richmond

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Diocesan Liturgical Commission

Committee Name: Diocesan Liturgical Commission

Rev. Shay W. Auerbach, S.J., Pastor
Mr. Jay Brown, CEO, Commonwealth Catholic Charities
Ms. Sylvia Chapa, Director of Music & NPM Diocesan Liaison
Ms. Melanie Coddington, Regional Minister for Christian Formation
Mr. Steve DeLaney, Department of Theology, Catholic High School
Ms. Liz Goodwin, Director of Music
Ms. Janet Hasan, Retired Pastoral Associate
Mr. Mike Johnson, Deacon, RCIA Coordinator
Mr. Dan Keeley, Director of Music
Rev. Matthew Keihl, Campus Minister, Rector
Dcn. Peter J. McCourt, President & CEO, Cristo Rey Richmond
Dcn. Christopher Morash, Director of Music
Rev. Michael A. Renninger, Pastor
Mr. Aaron Renninger, Director of Music & Liturgy
Rev. Charles Ssebalamu, Pastor
Dcn. Tom Thompson, Permanent Deacon

Ex-officio members
Rev. Sean M. Prince, Director
Mrs. Vy Barto, Administrative Assistant