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Dear Parishioners,

We come to you with hearts full of gratitude for the countless ways you have provided for your communities. Many of you worked on the frontlines to ensure individuals and families could access the most basic of needs. Certainly, we have witnessed those on the margins pushed even further to the edge, and those who have never gone without now experience insecurities for the first time.

While our own communities in the Diocese of Richmond have struggled, and continue to do so, we must acknowledge the extreme vulnerabilities facing the international community. As Catholics, we are called to be global citizens who are conscious of and respond to the needs of those beyond our homes. For those in Haiti, worsening conditions related to COVID-19, civil unrest, and hurricane seasons have created a multitude of insecurities. Some of our Haitian twin parishes have begun to experience food shortages like never before.

In this time of extraordinary need, we ask for your support in aiding the communities of Haiti. We continue to seek financial assistance for youth education; food for families; and a support fund that would allow the Diocese of Hinche to create sustainable projects, assist with medical care, and meet the needs of parishes who do not have a twin in the Diocese of Richmond. No gift is too small.

Even after the 200th bicentennial anniversary of our Diocese, we continue to look at our history as well as to our future. This is an ongoing opportunity for us to reaffirm our pledge to walk with our brothers and sisters in the Diocese of Hinche, and to respond to their needs in whatever ways we are able.

We thank you for your continued support, and may God bless you and your families.


Office of Social Ministries and Respect Life


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