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The Diocesan School Advisory Board is consultative to the Bishop of Richmond and the Superintendent of Schools. The board meets throughout the year and consults in the areas of finance, strategic planning, public relations, facilities, marketing, and development. Members of the board represent all regions where diocesan schools exist. The Board does not administer the Catholic schools or the Office of Catholic Schools, nor does the Board manage individual student or personnel matters.

Local Advisory School Boards are required of each school in the diocese. The school board is advisory to the respective parties of the school and/or diocese. The board advises in the areas of development, strategic planning, public relations/marketing, finance, and building and grounds. Recommendations of the board do not become policy unless the administrator for the school approves the policy.

Diocesan School Advisory Board, 2021-2022

Chairperson: Mr. Cal Whitehead

Vice Chairperson: Mr. Sam Samorian

Secretary: Ms. Cinthya Duke


*Mr. Neil McSweeney (Richmond)
Dr. Mike Riley (Southwest)
Mr. Tracy Hamner (Richmond)
**Mr. John Puccinelli (Richmond)
**Mr. Terrence Kerner (Richmond)
Mrs. Natasha Feher (Richmond)—OCS representative

**Not currently on the board but serves on the committee


* Mrs. Lisa Hamlet (Tidewater)
Mrs. Cinthya Duke (Richmond)
Mrs. Danielle Simone (Richmond)
Ms. Joyce Schreiber (Pastoral Center)
Ms. Pamela Wray (Richmond)—OCS representative

Strategic Planning/Policy

Father Nick Redmond (Tidewater)
Dr. Kathleen Smith (Richmond)
Mr. Ray Honeycutt (Richmond)—OCS representative

School Safety/Operations

*Corporal Richard Mallory (Richmond)
Dr. Jennifer Bigelow (Richmond)—OCS representative


*Mr. Cal Whitehead (Richmond)
Mr. John Thomas (Southwest)
Ms. Rebecca Chaney (Tidewater)
Mr. Jeff Caruso (VCC)—OCS representative


Superintendent: Mrs. Kelly Lazzara

DSAB Contact Person: Mr. Ray Honeycutt