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Segura Initiative 

The Segura Initiative for Children was begun by the late Bishop DiLorenzo in 2010.  Its purpose is to increase enrollment of Latino students in Catholic schools of the Diocese of Richmond by providing support to Hispanic families.  Segura advocates work closely with Hispanic families to assist in multiple areas including recruitment, community-building, interpreting, and navigating the enrollment and assimilation process.  Through the Segura program the Diocese fosters a comfortable, bi-lingual, Christ-centered environment for all students.

PeaceMaker Program 

The PeaceMaker Program is a spiritual solution to prevent bullying.  All schools within the Diocese are required to utilize an approved bullying prevention program.  PeaceMakers takes a spiritual approach to conflict management, responsibility, and peacemaking both in and outside of school.

Support for Exceptional Children

The Diocese of Richmond is committed to educating God’s children and recognizes that they come to school with individual needs and unique gifts.  The Diocesan program for exceptional children provides procedures to ensure that students’ needs are met by the school and provides structures for working with local education agencies to support students as necessary.


Safe Environment Program

All teachers within the Diocese participate in the child protection program, VIRTUS, which ensures a safe environment for children within the community of the Church.