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November 2, 2002

Dear Father Duarte:

I write to report a Favor granted after prayers to the Servant of God Frank Parater. My brother, Tim, is a lawyer and a Special Forces (Green Beret) reservist. He was called to active duty in December 2001. In the summer of 2002 he was deployed from Fr. Bragg, North Carolina to the Middle East. He served in Africa and in Afghanistan. He returned home safely on October 13, 2002.

I said a daily prayer to Frank Parater that Tim be returned home safely, and he was. I attribute this partly to the intercession of Frank Parater (as well as St. Joseph and St. Michael).

Thank you for postulating the Cause of Frank Parater.

R. Redmond

Richmond, Virginia


September 2002

Dear Father Duarte:

A month ago, Kathy had a mammogram that revealed a growth that needed to be analyzed with a biopsy. Last week, she had that biopsy done. This is her third biopsy in eleven years, and the staff said that was a rather high number. So we were more concerned than we might otherwise have been. We expected to have to wait a week for the results and I suggested we pray to Frank Parater, which we did fervently. Two days later the results came back that the growth was benign. We feel certain that Parater was instrumental not only in shortening the length of time we had to wait, but also in helping the results to be negative (i.e. benign). We hope you can list this occurrence in support of the Church’s desire to have Frank Parater proclaimed Blessed.

M. Kelley

Quinton, Virginia


July 16, 2002

To: Reverend J. Scott Duarte, J.C.D.

I was granted a favor after praying the intercessory prayer recognizing Frank Parater.

Because of health problems with my elderly parents and some emotional problems my twenty-one-year-old daughter was experiencing, I felt I really needed to be on the West Coast, where they live. I was employed in Norfolk, Virginia and a position came open in my Agency for Stockton, California. I appealed to my supervisor for a transfer to California, but he was very negative about it because of the expense, etc.

I began praying the intercessory prayer recognizing Frank Parater several times a day for about six weeks. On the fifth week I received a call from my supervisor saying that the executive committee of our agency was reviewing my request. I prayed even more and on several days said up to nine prayers using the intercessory prayer and asking for the favor of an approval for my transfer.

My transfer was approved with full expenses paid and my salary remained the same. I now live within a short drive of both my parents and my daughter.

I am certain that the favor was granted because of Frank Parater. This experience has strengthened my faith, and I am very grateful.

C.R. Kerr, Jr.

Vacaville, California



June 27, 2002

Dear Father Duarte:

Thank you so much for the holy cards for the Servant of God Frank J. Parater, Seminarian. Being a seminarian myself and preparing to enter first theology at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary this Fall, I feel a special connection to Seminarian Parater. It is an honor to help promote his cause for canonization – I will do everything that I can for this noble effort.

Several years ago as I was discerning the priesthood, I purchased a copy of the prayer book of the North American College and Frank Parater’s oblation to the Sacred Heart (which I believe in the book is called a “Meditation on Death”) struck me then as something outstanding. At that time I had no idea who Parater was or the holiness of his life. It was with great excitement, therefore, that I learned of your efforts from my vocation director at a retreat for Baltimore seminarians several weeks ago.

It is my fervent hope that the prayers of Servant of God Frank Parater will lead to an increase in vocations in his beloved diocese of Richmond and all throughout the Baltimore Province. Having just graduated from the Catholic University of America and Theological College with a B.A. in Philosophy I am well aware of the fine caliber in the seminarians of your diocese. I am blessed to call many of them “friend.”

Please keep me in your prayers as I continue my studies for priesthood in the Archdiocese of Baltimore and do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything more I can do to further the cause of Servant of God Frank J. Parater. May Almighty God continue to bless you and your diocese in all of your works, I remain,

J. Czyz, Jr.

Baltimore, Maryland