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Global Solidarity

As Catholics, we are members of a Universal Church that transcends national boundaries and calls us to live in solidarity and justice with the peoples of the world. One of God’s greatest gifts is the universal character of the Church, blessing and calling us to live in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in faith.” (USSCB)

Haiti Twinning

Since the mid 1980s, the Diocese of Richmond has embarked on a global solidarity partnership with Haiti through its twinning ministry. Our diocesan twinning program enables individuals and parish communities to encounter Christ with the impoverished people and land of Haiti.  Through this relationship based ministry, we can begin to uncover and understand the Paschal Mystery of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and to follow His example of compassion, healing and justice.

Catholic Relief Services

CRS is the official international development arm of the Catholic Church in the United States. Their work aims to alleviate poverty in nearly 100 countries all across the world. CRS, through their US Operations, provides incredible resources to help Parish communities, encouraging them to:

  • Pray for our sisters and brothers across the world who are experiencing poverty.
  • Learn about the causes of international poverty and efforts that can be undertaken to eliminate it.
  • Act in support of the life and dignity of children, women, and men who are suffering all around the world.

CRS parish and school resources and programs:

Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA)

Mission and Goals

Catholic Near East Welfare Association, founded by the Holy Father, shares the love of Christ with the churches and peoples of the East including the Middle East. Northeast Africa, India, and Eastern Europe.

  • CNEWA works for, through, and with the Eastern Catholic churches to identify needs and implement solutions.
  • CNEWA connects you to your brothers and sisters in need. Together, we build up the church, affirm human dignity, alleviate poverty, encourage dialogue — and inspire hope.


  • CNEWA, although remaining one unified institution in accordance with canon law and the directives of the Holy See, utilizes as many civil corporate structures as may be necessary to the fulfillment of its mission.

Holy See

  • Proud of it’s papal identity, all CNEWA activities are carried out in the pope’s name through, for, and with the local churches in the countries we serve. We also closely collaborate with the Holy Father’s representatives and support many good works of various departments of the Roman Curia.
  • CNEWA has always had a special relationship with the Congregation for the Eastern Churches, providing annual aid to support it’s efforts with the Eastern churches.
  • We also work with the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity and the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, assisting in their efforts of dialogue and collaboration.

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