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Statement Following Kabul Attack; U.S. Military Loss of Life

Immediate Release: August 26, 2021

Bishop Barry C. Knestout portrait

Bishop Knestout Statement Following the Attack at Kabul Airport

“Throughout the last week, I’ve been offering special prayer intentions for the people of this diocese. Among those prayer requests, there have been many for the members of our military services, those serving in Afghanistan, and the Afghani people. This evening, I will add the U.S. service personnel and civilians who lost their lives or were injured in today’s explosion in Afghanistan to my special intentions. I ask you, our Catholic community, to join me in prayer and lift up those family members and loved ones who may be hurting from this violent attack. I especially ask to keep our U.S. troops safe as they continue with its humanitarian mission during this turbulent transition. May the Holy Spirit protect us and give us strength.”