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The Haitian Education Support Team (HEST) continues to raise money that will fund the vital work of the Diocesan Bureau of Education (BDE), which provides teacher training by visiting supervisors, materials, and support for more than 150 schools in the Diocese of Hinche, both twinned and not twinned. As a result of donor support for HEST, the BDE has a strong and consistent staff which is able to equip teachers and students with the resources necessary for a quality education. The Diocese of Hinche was selected by the Kellogg Foundation, the University of Notre Dame, Indiana’s ACE Program, USAID, and CRS to participate in the three-year Teacher Training Program, the Early Grade Literacy Program, and various school feeding programs, in part, due to the confidence engendered in the BDE as supported by HEST. Proceeds from the matching challenge will ensure continued support for the overall structure and success of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Hinche.


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