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This year, a generous donor has committed up to $50,000 for a matching challenge to provide food security for the Diocese of Hinche. The food will be purchased through Food For The Poor and stored in the recently completed warehouse. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, susceptibility to natural disasters, and political and economic instability, there is an impending food emergency in Haiti. Without sufficient support and preparation, illness, and potentially death, could result. Contributing to one of the most basic needs of a human person, nourishment, will help to provide greater health, security, and an overall improved quality of life for the Haitian communities. Through numerous conversations and meetings with Bishop Desinord Jean, the Diocese of Richmond knows he has prioritized the building and supplying of a warehouse for a significant amount of time. Proceeds from this matching challenge will allow Bishop Jean to distribute food to those who are most in need within his Diocese.


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