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Joint Statement from The Diocesan Office of Catholic Schools and The Bromley Family

For Immediate Release: February 23, 2024

It is the desire of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, the Office of Catholic Schools, and our school communities to work with students and their families when special circumstances arise. This is and remains an ongoing, collaborative effort with the Bromley family as they are part of our Catholic community. We all agree the most important goal is for Logan Bromley to be set up for academic success, so he can complete the remainder of his senior year and ensure all necessary safety precautions are in place through an agreed upon action plan that best supports Logan.

We all want Logan to participate in extracurricular activities and events at Catholic High School and Logan is welcome to be present on diocesan school property.  All of us want to ensure that there is appropriate family and school support for Logan at on-campus extracurricular activities and other school events to create a safe environment for him under the guidance of his doctors. Thanks to the diligence and commitment of Logan’s parents, Catholic High School and the diocesan Office(s) of Catholic Schools and Human Resources, we have partnered to develop a mutually agreeable plan for Logan’s continued education and participation in school sponsored events.

Bishop Knestout understands the importance of a student’s senior year. Equally important, he appreciates the need for a student to continue their relationship with God, experience the sacraments, and achieve the academic success that a Catholic education provides. It is his desire Logan Bromley be allowed this opportunity under the mutual plan put in place.

Like any student in our Catholic schools, our wish is each and every student continues to flourish in a safe, productive and Christ centered environment.