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The Church has the duty and the proper and exclusive right to form those who are designated for the sacred ministries.  The duty of fostering vocations rests with the entire Christian community so that the needs of the sacred ministry in the universal Church are provided for sufficiently. This duty especially binds Christian families, educators, and, in a special way, priests, particularly pastors. Diocesan bishops, who most especially are to be concerned for promoting vocations, are to teach the people entrusted to them of the importance of the sacred ministry and of the need for ministers in the Church and are to encourage and support endeavors to foster vocations, especially by means of projects established for that purpose (1983 Code of Canon Law, canons 232-233).

The Office of Vocations serves on behalf of the bishop to facilitate the discernment process for young men who are considering a call to the priesthood.  While specializing in diocesan priesthood, the Office of Vocations also provides resources to members of the diocese who are discerning a call to religious life, putting them in contact with the various communities throughout the diocese.