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Diocesan-sponsored Haiti Summit Held at Church of the Redeemer

Approximately 80 people attended the diocesan-sponsored Haiti Summit at Church of the Redeemer, Mechanicsville, Oct. 18-19. Parishioners from the Richmond Diocese and representatives from the Diocese of Hinche, Haiti participated. The focus was on sustainability – how to invest in Haiti in permanent ways, e.g., building better homes, teaching them to farm in difficult situations, establishing and running schools, including vocational ones, and hiring Haitians to do the construction work.

Check out the Nov. 4 issue of The Catholic Virginian for the full story on the Haiti Summit.

Bishop Barry C. Knestout and Bishop Desinord Jean of Hinche, Haiti, right, celebrate Mass at Church of Redeemer, Mechanicsville, Friday, Oct. 18, at the beginning of the diocesan-sponsored Haiti Summit. (Photo/Vy Barto)