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Virginia Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credits Program

Obtain a blank Letter of Intent from the McMahon Parater Scholarship Foundation (MPSF) or the Catholic school of your choice.

Also, obtain the Virginia Department of Education Preauthorization Form from MPSF or the Catholic school of your choice.

Send the completed Preauthorization and Letter of Intent to MPSF, who will submit your Preauthorization Form by secure electronic dropbox to the VA DOE for approval of your Tax Credits.
Within 48 hours, MPSF will send your Approval Letter indicating your tax credits have been reserved for 180 days.
Return the signed Approval Letter with your check or securities transfer information to MPSF within 180 days of your approval date.

(Preauthorizations become void after 180 days). Make checks payable to the McMahon Parater Scholarship Foundation.