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Mission Statement

The diocesan Archives is established to preserve the historical patrimony of the Diocese in accordance with norms set out in the Code of Canon Law:

Canon 486

  • 1. All documents that regard the Diocese or parishes must be protected with the greatest care.
  • 2. In every curia there is to be erected in a safe place a diocesan archive, or record storage area, in which instruments and written documents which pertain to the spiritual and temporal affairs of the Diocese are to be safeguarded after being properly filed and diligently secured.
  • 3. An inventory, or catalog, of the documents that are contained in the archive is to be kept with a brief synopsis of each written document.

The purpose of the Archives is to collect, preserve, safeguard, and make available for research the official records of the Diocese and other institutional records that reflect the history and activities of the Diocese. The Archives seeks to promote an understanding of the history and traditions of the Diocese. It provides records management services to assist the Diocesan staff in carrying out their administrative responsibilities.