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Office of Asian Ministry

Purpose: The Office of Asian Ministry provides a channel for systematic communication, collaboration and coalition among the many different Asian communities and their organizations within the Diocese. We provide continued evangelization of Asian Catholics. In collaboration with the other ministries of the Diocese we provide ongoing training and education for lay leadership. The Office of Asian Ministry and the Diocese of Richmond provides the opportunity to listen to and respond to the strengths, challenges and needs of these diverse communities.

This Being Asian is best discovered and affirmed not in confrontation and opposition, but in the spirit of complementarity and harmony. In this framework of complementarity and harmony, the Church can communicate the Gospel in a way that is faithful both to her own tradition and to the Asian soul.

The Church of Asia (Ecclesia in Asia), no.6

Simbang Gabi is a novena of masses that expresses the love of the people for God through our Blessed Mother Mary. We gather for nine consecutive days of prayer in anticipation of the birth of Christ. We will kick off the novena at the Church of Redeemer on Saturday, December 9, 2017. The novena begins on Friday, December 15 and will end Saturday, December 23. Come join us on this inspirational pilgrimage of prayer and fellowship.