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Office of Ethnic Ministries


Cultivate the culture of encounter, mutual appreciation, and spiritual accompaniment where people from different ethnic backgrounds can feel at home in our parish communities.


Promote leadership formation under the lens of intercultural Catholic communities.


  • Support the parish priests and lay leadership to engage the entire community as one body with mutual respect and appreciation.
  • Reinforce local communities to open their hearts to the diversity of the newcomers.
  • Promote leadership formation under the spirit of missionary discipleship.
  • Provide space of encounter for our young generation and plant the seed of the faith and vocations.
  • Facilitate training for the new ministers in Spanish.

Ministerial Areas

  1. Devotions (Different Languages) – Provide parishes with guidelines to promote the most popular devotions of the main ethnic groups within our diocese.
  2. Spirituality (English/Spanish) – Learn and deepen the richness of the different spiritualities that are part of our diocesan catholic families.
  3. Liturgy (Spanish) – Training for the new parish liturgy ministers.
  4. Outreach Ministry (English/Spanish) – Create strategies to welcome newcomers from the missionary perspective and build bridges among people.
  5. Youth Ministry (English/Spanish) – Train competent leaders to promote catholic values, and inspirational figures and give continuity to our catholic tradition for the next generation.
  6.  Migrant & Refugee Ministry (Various Languages) – Support migrants and refugees in settling in the U.S.A. and being part of our faith community.

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