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Office of Asian Ministry

 Purpose: The Office of Asian Ministry provides a channel for systematic communication, collaboration and coalition among the many different Asian communities and their organizations within the Diocese.

“This Being Asian is best discovered and affirmed not in confrontation and opposition, but in the spirit of complementary and harmony. In this framework of complementary and harmony, the Church can communicate the Gospel in a way that is faithful both to her own tradition and to the Asian soul.”

The Church of Asia (Ecclesia in Asia), no.6

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Upcoming Events

Culture and Faith

August 17, 2019 | (Central)  Download the flyer

November 16, 2019 | (East)  Download the flyer

We would like to invite you to our Culture & Faith Event (Celebrating Asian Catholics).  There will be two different dates and locations for you to chose whichever is more convenient to you. Through this event, we strive to welcome all ethnic groups to our diocese and take time to get to know each other and our diverse cultures. Culture & Faith will be an evening of reflection, worship and fellowship. Through prayer, music and traditional dance, we would like to promote a greater understanding of diversity while encouraging conversations that will help us learn about our commonalities. We invite you to come dressed in your traditional attire and bring a cultural cuisine to share.  Join us in celebrating how these intangible things add to the uniqueness of individuals and add strength to our communities. This event is open to all cultures and communities.  There is no fee for this event but we do ask that you please register.  Looking forward in experiencing this encounter with you!    

Register for August 17, 2019  | Registration for November 16, 2019 coming soon!