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A certificate program in Missionary Discipleship Ministry by the University of Dayton in partnership with the Catholic Diocese of Richmond in English and Spanish.

The goal is to prepare and develop present and future young adult intercultural parish leaders to support the mission of the Church serving the parish community with a missionary spirit to cultivate the culture of encounter and welcoming.

On this journey participants will experience how to become a missionary disciple in our intercultural parish community. Also, the participant will earn a certificate from the CDR in Intercultural Leadership Formation.

This certification has three parts that will provide 4 dimensions of formation: academic, spiritual, human, and pastoral. In addition, the CDR certification offers spiritual retreat and missionary experience.  Upon completion of the  online courses, the participant will receive a Missionary Discipleship Ministry Certificate. Upon completion of spiritual retreat, pastoral and missionary experience, the participant will receive a certificate in Intercultural Leadership Ministry.

The duration of this program is one year. The participant has the choice for an optional course on Racism in English and Pastoral Ministry in Spanish.

The credit will be for seminarian (1.5) and course (2.5).

There is a limited space. Closing date for application, June 28, 2019,  click here

For more information click here: English | Spanish.