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The Haiti Education Support Team (HEST) is a specialized committee of the Haiti Ministry Commission tasked with providing support to parishes in the area of education in partnership with the Catholic Education Office of Hinche in Haiti. HEST manages support for the Diocesan Office of Education (BDE) of Hinche, Haiti including funds raised by the team and the Haiti Ministry Commission that support the annual budget and special projects of the BDE. HEST continues to develop ways to support parish partnership through information sharing of our partner’s schools and teachers.

Haiti Education Support Team Main Goals and Objectives

  1. Work with Hinche Catholic Education Office to enhance Catholic education in the Diocese of Hinche.
  2. Inform all parishes of school performance scores of their partners’ schools.
  3. Assist underserved children in Hinche through the Shalom Fund.
  4. Serve as a resource for parishes to build capacity in their partners’ schools and other needed resources for school accreditation

Haiti Education Support Team Members

Get involved

We invite requests to join our team. Please contact the Office of Social Ministries if you are interested.