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Who We Are

We are an office of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond. We are professional ministers of the Church committed to serving Parishes in the Diocese of Richmond.


Office of Social Ministries
7800 Carousel Lane | Richmond, VA 23294
O: 804-622-5206 | F: 804.358.9159

Michael F. School


Office of Social Ministries
7800 Carousel Lane | Richmond, VA 23294
O: 804.622.5227


Three Vicariates of the Diocese

The Diocese of Richmond is divided geographically into three Vicariates — Eastern, Central, and Western. Because of the vast geographic size of our diocese, the diocese has established 19 Local Planning Areas (LPA) for strategic planning purposes.

In order to streamline access to the resources and the assistance provided by OSM, each OSM Regional Coordinator is assigned to work with Parishes in one of these three Vicariates, serving the vastly diverse needs of Diocesan Parishes.

We assist Parishes to animate and develop ministry, assisting them to discern the needs of their communities and develop responses that are appropriate to the Parish. We assist on the LPA level by fostering collaboration among Parishes, convening Parish volunteers and staff active in social ministry to discuss common issues and develop collaborative approaches in response to developing community needs.