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This free monthly webinar series is offered by the Office of Social Ministries to help you live out the Gospel and advance the mission of social ministry in your life, parish and community. 

September 2017

TOPIC: “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat.”

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October 2017

TOPIC: Building Communities of Salt and Light

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November 2017

TOPIC: Advocacy – Being a Voice for the Voiceless

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December 2017

TOPIC: The refugee crisis and how we are called to respond as people of faith

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January 2018

TOPIC: 10 Steps to Organizing Social Ministry at Your Parish (Part One: Steps 1-5)

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February 2018

TOPIC: 10 Steps to Organizing Social Ministry at Your Parish (Part Two: Steps 6-10)

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March 2018

TOPIC: Global Discipleship and Solidarity (with Catholic Relief Services)

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April 2018

TOPIC: Building Healthy and Balanced Social Ministries by exercising Spirituality of Service

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