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Support Team Members:

  • Kurt Elward, MD, MPH
  • Anne Knasel, MD
  • David Gilligan, MD
  • Joel Schmidt, MD
  • Diane Biskobing, MD
  • Michael Godschalk, MD
  • August Sanusi, MD
  • Abigail Causey, OSM Staff
  • We are also blessed to have representatives from Midwives for Haiti

New members from any aspect of health care are encouraged to participate in our work!

Haiti Healthcare Support Team Goals and Objectives

  1. To serve as a resource for healthcare initiatives by Richmond parishes
  2. To work closely with Hinche Healthcare Commission to support healthcare in the Diocese of Hinche
  3. To provide informational memos on relevant topics
  4. To find other possible partnerships in healthcare for parish in both dioceses

Specific Projects under development

  1. Medication ordering collaborative  – this is intended to facilitate provision of needed medication and other supplies to all communities who are twinned, and ensure that the people of the Diocese have consistent access to essential medications.
  2. Development of Healthcare facility for the people of the Diocese of Hinche. There are critical access problem for radiology and laboratory services, and the wait times to be seen at the national hospital can be 3 days. We believe that a Diocesan health center is critical to support the core functions of our health care ministry as well as the twinned parish clinics.
  3. Educational programs for laboratory workers, nurses and physicians to provide ongoing support and collaboration. We hope this will also include telehealth support from the US and other clinical centers throughout the world.

Get involved

We are very interested in having representatives from parishes across the Diocese join us on the Healthcare Support Team. If anyone from a Richmond Diocese parish has a heart for health care, we would like to hear from them and add their voice to our work! For more information, email the Office of Social Ministries.