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Permanent Diaconate

Learn More About the Permanent Diaconate and its History

This series of articles were written by Father Anthony Marques, Rector of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, for the Catholic Virginian in 2018.

Theological Primer on the Diaconate

Historical Sketch of the Diaconate

Role of the Permanent Diaconate Today

Deacon’s Role at Mass


Learn More About the Role of Deacon Wives

The following excerpt is from the Partners in the Process, The Formation of Deacons’ Wives published by Karen A. Harmeyer and Maria Thompson MacLaughlin.

“Many wives must do a lot of soul-searching when their husbands express the desire to become a deacon. Forty-eight wives came together when the Diocese of Richmond, Virginia started its first diaconate formation group.  This diverse group became a cohesive unit as their husbands completed four years of classes.

Diaconate programs are unique in each diocese.  Since these formation programs are open only to men, the authors have shared their experiences as wives before, during and after ordination.”

Wives who enter the inquiry process with their husbands in the Diocese of Richmond will receive  a copy of the book through the Diocese of Richmond’s Permanent Diaconate Office.


The article below was written by Lani Dale Bogart  and appeared in the March/April 2022 issue of The Deacon Digest and is used with permission.

What About the Wives? Distinguishing the roles of a deacon wife