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Request a Letter of Good Standing

If you are visiting another diocese to baptize an infant, witness a marriage, preside at a wedding, or are just on a vacation some place where you would like to assist at a Mass or otherwise exercise your diaconal functions, you will need a Letter of Good Standing from the Office of the Permanent Diaconate.

Please give us at least TWO WEEKS notice if possible. We are required to provide some detailed information to the diocese you are visiting. For you to be eligible to obtain a letter, deacons with faculties in the Diocese of Richmond must, at a minimum, have on file with the Diaconate Office a current Diaconal Ministry Covenant, background check, and VIRTUS: Safe Environment Training and readings completed. The requested letter will be e-mailed to you, mailed to the Chancery of the diocese and pastor you are visiting, and filed in your permanent record.

Failure to fill out the form completely may delay processing the request.

Provide the following information, click on the submit button and your request will be sent to:

Mrs. Gerry Mancuso
Registrar & Coordinator of the Permanent Diaconate
[email protected]
Telephone (804) 622-5264
Office of the Permanent Diaconate
Diocesan Pastoral Center
7800 Carousel Lane
Richmond, VA 23294