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Gift Parish Planning Process

What is the 5 phase planning process?

This organized process for developing and SUSTAINING AFF incorporates sound principles of strategic planning, collaborative leadership, and adult learning. No experts required… members learn as they go!

View an expanded description of the 5- phase planning process (pdf)


What’s included in the Gift Parish Planning Process Packet? (available for $15)

1.  Reference Texts:

  • Creating a Catechetical Plan: A How-To-Do-It Resource, Rev. Robert D. Duggan, S.T.D., NCEA
  • Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us:  A Pastoral Plan for Adult Faith Formation in the United States, USCCB

2. AFF Gift Guidebook
Provides the AFF team with a “GPS” map through the 5-phase planning process (as presented in the Duggan text) adapted to focus on ADULT faith formation planning. CD includes PDF versions of the entire Guidebook and the Study Guide for team learning (Phase 2), and Word versions of other documents for adaptation: AFF Assessment Tool, AFF Planning Survey, AFF PMI Evaluation Tool, Team Contact Information form, Prayers for AFF Team Meetings.

3. Facilitation Tool
E.L.M.O. – A self-management tool for groups to use to maintain focus during discussions
E.L.M.O = Enough, Let’s Move On!

Diocesan Support

  1. Orientation on using The Gift Parish Planning Process
    Our diocesan staff will provide a 1½-2 hour orientation for a parish or group of parishes to effectively use the Gift process.  All Gift materials will be available at the orientation session ($15/Gift package; includes CD for parish printing).

    2.  Team Member Training
    AFF ministry team members will profit from attending the one-day Pathways training which includes:
    Vocation, Scripture, Creed, and an afternoon session of Adult Methods/Facilitation skills.

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