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Guest Speaker Approval

All parishes, schools, college campuses, and institutions of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond are directed to use the Speaker Approval process when inviting speakers from outside the Diocese of Richmond who will be addressing adults or minors on matters of faith and morals. This approval process is required for speakers who will be presenting in-person or virtually. Lay speakers are approved for three years. Priests and Deacons are approved for one-year.

Process for Speaker Approval for the topics of Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

If a location desires to bring in a speaker for adults on the topics of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity they should only use speakers on the approved list maintained by the Office for Evangelization. Due to the deeply personal and sensitive nature of these topics speakers have been vetted and pre-approved. Locations may recommend names and they will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Locations are advised to utilize their Youth Minister, Pastor, or Parochial Vicar when speaking on these topics to youth. Outside speakers are not approved for speaking to Youth on the topics of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity.

For information on speakers addressing Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, please see the Office for Evangelization’s website at

Special Exemptions:
Bishops are not required to apply for Speaker Approval. However, it is customary that the Bishop of Richmond extend the invitation to a visiting Bishop or Archbishop. Click the Request Form to Invite a Bishop-Archbishop that should be submitted to the Office of Bishop.

Speakers may not be advertised until approval is given.

Instructions for Speaker Approval

If your speaker is on the list of Approved Speakers, please use the form for already Approved Speakers.

If your speaker is not on the list of Approved Speakers, you must submit:

  1. Guest Speaker Approval Request Form (updated 11/2022)
  2. Curriculum Vitae of the Guest Speaker (pdf)
  3. One of the forms below (updated 11/2022):
  • FORM A– Catholic Layperson Speaker Addressing Adults and/or Minors
  • FORM B– Consecrated Life Speaker Addressing Adults and/or Minors
  • Letter of Suitability for Priest or Deacon Guest Speaker
  • FORM D– Non-Catholic Layperson or Non-Catholic Religious Speaker Addressing Adults and/or Minors

To avoid losing your information, please SAVE the forms above to your computer first before filling them out. Prior to submitting your form, ensure that you are using the most up-to-date forms.

Checklist for Speaker Approval

All Guest Speaker Approval Requests need to be submitted with completed forms no less than 45 days prior to the event. You may not advertise your event until approval is given.

Guest Speaker Coordinator
Diocese of Richmond
7800 Carousel Lane
Richmond, VA 23294
Fax: 804-358-9159 Phone: 804-622-5158
[email protected]

If you have any questions regarding the Speaker Approval Process, please contact Guest Speaker Coordinator.